About Treatments

Boutique Eyelash Extensions

  • Stephanie Gombrelli is your personal experienced Licensed Medical Esthetician, and is also certified by Novalash
  • Stephanie carries three types of lash products.
    • Silk extensions are black. They are a high grade synthetic lash. They hold their shape and have a shine to them.
    • 100% Real Mink lashes are black. They have the most natural look and feel, are not shiny, and have a relaxed curl.
    • Rainbow lashes are for the whimsical at heart or for special occasions.
  • Individual Eyelash extensions must be done by a licensed esthetician who should be certified by the manufacturer as well. This is not the same as “strip eyelashes” or even “clusters” which can be purchased in a drug store.
  • If done right, individually applied lashes should look completely real. Consider this treatment as a mascara replacement.
  • The application of a full set can take between 1-2 hours, where you are comfortably reclined and may even fall asleep to relaxing spa music.
  • Individual synthetic lashes are applied to most individual natural lashes, one at a time. The pharmaceutical grade, USA made adhesive never touches your skin
  • Fills may need to be applied every 2, 3, or 4 weeks.



Micro-Needling is a technique which has been used to treat 3 different skin concerns for more than 20 years. Since the needles used are solid, this means that there are no injections of any kind. The topical numbing cream makes this procedure painless. In most cases the recovery time is only 2 days. Results are cumulative and permanent.*

Collagen Therapy is based on the power of your natural wound healing process to stimulate your own collagen production. Wrinkles will disappear, large pores will shrink, acne pits will fill in, and large sunken areas will appear plump due to the newly produced collagen.

*Melanocyte Restoration is the stimulation of your natural pigment production to restore your own skin color as a result of stretchmarks, scars, burns, and vitiligo.

*Scar Relaxation restores flexibility and mobility to skin contracture due to injury which has caused a scar.

Collagen Therapy For Wrinkles, Acne Pit Scars, Large Pores, Stretch Marks & Sagging

There has been some confusion about the difference between using a Derma Roller at home and receiving a true Micro Needling treatment from a trained professional. Visualize a till tractor  turning up the earth and this is the action of a Derma Roller. Now compare that to the precision punctures of a professional device gauged  specifically for your target area of concern. The device is called a tattoo pen and is used without ink, of course. Depending on what is being treated, anything  from a single to an 8-prong needle grouping can be used. Think about how essentially a lint roller with needles sticking out of it can enter each wrinkle or acne pit scar. It can’t!

The tiny punctures of Micro Needling cause a minor  injury to the skin which stimulates collagen and elastin to be produced in your natural wound-healing process without any injections. For acne pit scars, large pores, and wrinkles a smaller needle grouping would be used than for sagging skin and stretch marks. While you do feel something, actual pain is eliminated with an appropriate application of topical numbing cream. Even after the procedure no pain is ever felt.

The concept of wounding the skin so that collagen and elastin are naturally produced is exactly the aim of laser resurfacing. However burning the skin can yield devastating side effects such as actual skin damage and permanent discoloration. For over 20 years Micro Needling has proven to be  virtually risk-free. Also, Micro Needling has a down time of only one day verses 5-10 days of recovery for laser treatments.

Results of Micro Needling can be seen as soon as one week in some and may take two months on others. In any case, collagen and elastin are being produced for up to 6 months. It is safe, and recommended to have a series of 4 treatments per year to first reverse the signs of aging, and then to maintain that youthful look you achieved. With just a little TLC anyone can maintain looking ten years younger than his or her actual age. We have all the technology you need, and now you know about it. So, I look forward to meeting you, and co-creating the “younger you”!


Custom Luxury Facials

Stephanie’s facial is beyond any facial you’ve ever tried. As one client raved, “It’s an experience!” This is because everything you love about facials is included at no extra charge. You are literally pampered from head to toe with what you need. Think: enzyme peel — micro current – glycolic peel – manual microdermabrasion – paraffin hand or foot dip – high frequency – ultrasound deep pore treatment — extractions – hot towels – heated booties – steam – aromatherapy – massage to the feet, hands, arms, chest, neck, face, ears, & scalp.
Annmarie Gianni is the organic skin care line used to satisfy the most discriminating spa goer.”

Every facial is essentially an anti-aging facial whether acne is treated or relaxation is desired. Healthy skin always looks more youthful.

Facial Exercise Lessons


Facial Exercise Lessons give you a powerful beauty tool you can use for the rest of your life to give you a natural face lift. Exercising the 57 facial muscles corrects and prevents sagging, wrinkled skin.
Check out these Before&After photos: http://www.carolynsfacialfitness.com/before-after/

Eyelash Perm


Perming the eyelashes is a wonderful alternative to getting eyelash extensions. This lash treatment gives the same effect as using an eyelash curler, except without damaging the lashes the way a curler will. Additionally, lashes can be simultaneously tinted black, so that there is no need to wear mascara. The perming should be done every 3-4 weeks for best results. A head & neck massage & a foot reflexology treatment can be given at the same time



reflexologyReflexology is a science that recognizes that there are areas on the feet that correspond to all the organs, glands and parts of the body. It is a method of activating the healing powers of the body through stimulation of these reflexes on the feet. By working the reflexes through the billions of nerve endings on each foot, the reflexologist relieves stress and tension, improves blood circulation and nerve supply, promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses, and helps the body to achieve equilibrium or homeostasis.

Essentially, through reflexology, your whole body, inside and out becomes relaxed. When your body is profoundly relaxed, it seeks homeostasis, or perfect balance, releases stress and toxins, and generally enables the body to work better – to heal itself.

Approximately 80% of what ails us is instigated and/or aggravated by the accumulation of stress.

Relieving built-up stress can significantly contribute to better health.

Reflexology is like a massage from the inside out.

Your feet and body will thank you!

Waxing the Face

Facial waxing removes hair, but is also a form of exfoliation since it removes surface dead skin cells in the process.
Foundation, especially powders, magnify any facial hair if not waxed away.  So waxing is part of having a flawless finish.
Eyebrows are the expression of the face.  So, send out the right message with the perfect shape for you.

Gift Cards

Spa Gift Cards make the perfect pampering gifts, and they are beautifully presented with a box and ribbon.