Reviews and Testimonials




Ashley Contreras
“Stephanie is awesome! I came to get my lashes done with her because they had gotten ruined with a previous person. My natural lashes were in pretty bad shape and Stephanie completely saved them. They look so long and natural. I love them so much”

Catherine Dalton 2b


Hi Stephanie,
I totally love my brows. You did a great job! I also love my pillow; I swear it has helped with my leg cramps at night. I haven’t gotten any in 2 nights which is unusual. Thanks  again for everything, and I’ll see you in June for some Eyelash Extensions. -Catherine

Transformational life coach & writer/poet Maya Shaw Gale

Hi Stephanie,

Here are the two Haiku I wrote for you!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gentle fingertips like delicate butterfly wings dance across my face Forever tender You teach me to love myself–Hands on aging skin.  I think my skin is still happy from last Wednesday nights amazing treatment!!! -Love, Maya


Stancey Monahan

“A facial with Stephanie is really a total body renewal for me. I make sure to book my appointments over a month ahead with her.I am a hairdresser working 10-14 hour days. On my days off I landscape and surf. Imagine the state of my neck, shoulders, hands and feet. I also have really dry skin.While Stephanie nourishes my skin, she completely unlocks my neck, shoulders, hands and feet with exquisite intuitive massage. Reflexology is her special gift to my feet.When Stephanie has completed her magic, not only does my skin glow, but I am ready to take on the world again. Thank you Stephanie!I Love, Love, Love, Stephanie’s facials.”


Toni Liquonik

I came to Forever Beautiful Spa to get eyelash extensions for my gray and unrulie lashes. We tried them and they looked great. But then Stephanie suggested that I might like the tint and perm even better. It’s wonderful – my lashes are black and curl upward perfectly. I have no need to wear mascara any more. I love my look – for work, or for girls’ night out. Stephanie, your wonderful work has turned my life around!  My makeup regime is as simple as blinking my gorgeous eyes open!

Alison Ratlif

“I had always wanted eyelash extensions, but was afraid they would look fake or too over-the-top. Stephanie does such a great job on making sure that my lashes are just what I want. I get so many compliments on how great they look and everyone thinks they are real! I love them!”


KK Sandlin

“I had an amazing treatment with Stephanie. The essential oils she used to make my experience better was a really wonderful touch. I love the variety of scents and music you get to choose from. She made me feel very relaxed with a heated blanket and an extra comfy bed. I will definitely be coming back to get my eyelash extensions done by Stephanie due to the great work she did on me and how natural they looked. I also loved the complimentary eyebrow wax!”


Perla Preciado

“My sister (Violeta) recommended Stephanie for my eyelash extensions. I now come up to Santa Barbara from San Diego to maintain my beautiful lashes. I always get compliments on how great my eyelashes look and when I tell people I go to Santa Barbara to get them, they are sad she is not in San Diego.”


Catherine Marciel

“Stephanie is amazing. My eyelashes look wonderful and so natural. They hold up well and I receive many compliments. Stephanie is professional and kind, always accommodating to my busy schedule. I highly recommend all of the services she offers to her clients.


Mary Kane

My eyelash extensions I get from Stephanie are so thick and gorgeous! The other day a woman came up to me and said, “Your eyelashes are so beautiful!” Then she sighed and said, “Ahhh…heredity!” And I said, “No…STEPHANIE!”


Joy Kelly

Stephanie has been doing my eyelash extensions for 7 months and I am so happy with the way they look and feel. The extensions I had before were brittle and hurt! These are soft and lovely. Stephanie takes great care to teach me about caring for my lashes and I love the way they look without mascara. We also did the Collagen Therapy and I was amazed by the results after just one treatment. As a busy National Marketing Director with JuicePlus, I have to make sure that the time I spend on beauty services is time well spent and with Stephanie, it certainly is! Thanks, Stephanie!”



Bentley Stacks

I have been getting eyelash extension for about 3 months and every time I leave I am satisfied and relaxed. Stephanie is very earthly, peaceful to be around. I always feel as though my business is important and never get treated any less than a 5-star client. I don’t even wear makeup anymore, and I feel like a “10” every day now.”


Tiffany Pollard

“I have been getting eyelash extensions with Stephanie for about 4 months and I could not be happier! It is so nice to wake up every morning with fresh, long lashes…It makes looking in the mirror much more fun. I travel a lot for work and spend a great deal of time outside. Not needing to wear mascara saves me time but also spare my eyes and face the irritation of running mascara. Also, when I’m on camera
with my eyes “pop” way more than with makeup. I’m sold for life! Stephanie works lash magic and I could not recommend her services enough.”


Kaya Fried

I had my first facial with Stephanie right after I moved to Santa Barbara. It was very nurturing and relaxing. My skin felt so clear and smooth. I loved Stephanie’s upbeat personality and the whole experience was fantastic! I have since experienced many more facials with Stephanie and each one exceeds my expectations. I highly recommend Stephanie at Forever Beautiful Spa. -Kaya Fried


Laura Macker-Johnston
“Love my long lashes! I wake up feeling bright eyed and ready for the day. Stephanie is so sweet and patient.”



Alice Lopez
Thank you Stephanie for my beautiful lashes. I don’t wear much eye makeup and was looking for the perfect pop to my eyes. I have had eyelash extensions many times before, but was NEVER satisfied until I had them done by you. I get so many compliments; people always think they are my natural lashes. If you’re looking for natural, comfortable lashes, come see Stephanie, you will not be disappointed. She customizes the look you want and her attention to detail result in the best lashes you’ve ever had.”


Laura Lightly

“Stephanie does wonderful work – my eye lashes look amazing!  I love them….they look so natural, they are full and just the right length to make my eyes pop without looking fake!  You’ve got to try them!  You’ll love them!”



Violeta Inda
“You haven’t had a true spa experience until you get it from Stephanie. I have never felt so relaxed and been really taken care of until now. I am glowing after my facials and my lashes are dangerously gorgeous. They look natural and fabulous. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and Stephanie makes sure they’re always taken care of. She’s gentle and amazing. There is no-one else in town I trust to help me “Live A Beautiful Life” than Stephanie. She exceeds standards above and beyond.”
“Thank you Stephanie!”


Dawn Thanos

“I have been having my eyelash extensions done by Stephanie for a few months now. I also had a facial with her. I’ve been to other salons in Boston, NYC, and California. She is the best by far. I love the eyelash extensions and how they look. I receive many compliments at my work (Pueblo Radiology) and out in the public. They don’t look fake, but very beautiful. I love how I can just add blush and lip gloss and head out the door. She is so sweet and professional. It’s such a relaxing experience that doesn’t hurt or bother your eyes. I highly recommend Stephanie for all your beauty needs.” 2013


Nancy Jordan

“Stephanie has made me feel and look prettier. I have never had eyelashes or eyebrows that you could see before. They are blond and I always had to use eyeliner, mascara, and eye pencils. Now I have beautiful eyelashes that feel and look natural. What a joy to have Stephanie make me feel special.” 2013


Kelly Simmons

“Stephanie does amazing work. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my lashes! She is professional, yet personable and offers a wonderful array of services, all of which deliver beautiful results!” 2013


Gay Browne
“Stephanie is a wonderful esthetician! She introduced me to the magic lashes that have made my on-the-go-life  easier! She also does amazing brow waxing, brow and eyelash tinting, and facials. Her flexibility in booking appointments makes it all work great!”


Lydia Roos

“I love my lashes! My natural lashes are short and light. Stephanie does a fabulous job transforming my naturally short lashes into long, curled and thick beautiful lashes. . I have little time to put on my makeup. With my beautiful lashes I don’t have to spend time applying mascara! Stephanie is a true professional who takes the time with me and hears what I want. She uses essential oils and soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere.”


Cynthia Fisher
“Having been in the beauty industry since 1988, I have worked with a lot of estheticians, and can see that Stephanie’s talents exceed them by far. Her eyelash extensions are the best I’ve ever seen… I was fortunate to receive a customized facial from Stephanie. My skin has never looked as smooth. I love Stephanie’s spirit. She’s good-hearted and makes everyone she meets feel special and beautiful.”


Jordana Snider
“With 3 children and a company, time for applying  make-up regularly is just not available. Being someone with light lashes, having lash extensions done by Stephanie has made a tremendous difference for me. Besides waking up looking and feeling made up already, butterfly kisses with my little one are spectacular! Kidding aside, my sensitive  eyes do not feel the lashes after they are applied and I truly do feel a new spring in my step.”


Courtney Stockton
“Stephanie’s eyelash extensions are amazing. They look natural and really define my lash line. They are easy to maintain. I have received several compliments on the lashes – everyone saying how natural they look. I would recommend anyone  try them if they are looking to enhance their look, or if they are looking for a mascara replacement.”


Michael La Ferriere
“Stephanie couldn’t have been more professional. Not only did she (her facial) make me feel younger, but I left relaxed and looking great. Her product line was perfect for my skin. ‘Definitely would do it again.”