Permanent Make-Up For Eyebrows

Permanent Make-up somehow got mistakenly misnamed! Yes, it is essentially a tattoo, but not exactly like body tattoos. “Permanent Make-up” should have been called “Semi-Permanent Make-Up” because unlike body tattoos these pigments have been specially designed to fade over time. That’s why you will need a “touch-up” every 1-2 years. The initial cost is the most, but if you maintain your brows the touch-ups are nominal.


The hair stroke technique is very popular now because it mimics the look of natural brows. On the other end of the spectrum is the solid brow which is an old favorite. In between these two is the powdered hair stroke which is a classic look because it captures the look of wearing a brow powder to fill in patches of missing hair.

All of these techniques can look wonderful on you. It’s not about what’s in fashion today, but rather what is your personal choice. A 6-week touch-up is included.

Cost of Treatment: $250
(Includes touch up – within 2 months)

Refresh: $180 
(in 1 year)


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique used primarily to fill in brow hairs that are missing. It looks the most natural because it matches the direction and thickness of existing brow hairs. A 6 week touch-up is included. Touch-ups will be needed every 1-2 years.

A word of caution: Microblading is not recommended for those without any brow hairs, nor for those who want blond/light brown light red brow color, since only 3 shades of brown currently exist for this technique.

Cost of Treatment: $180
(Includes touch up – within 2 months)

Refresh: $100
(in 1 year)
To see examples and how wonderful the transformation is see our real Before and After Photos

Treatments are performed at Forever Beautiful Spa in Santa Barbara by Stephanie Gombrelli

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