Microblading & Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-up somehow got mistakenly misnamed! Yes, it is essentially a tattoo, but not exactly like body tattoos. “Permanent Make-up” should have been called “Semi-Permanent Make-Up” because unlike body tattoos these pigments have been specially designed to fade over time. That’s why you will need a “touch-up” every 1-2 years. The initial cost is the most, but if you maintain your brows the touch-ups are nominal.

Permanent Make-Up is the general term used for various techniques of implanting pigments into the skin. Some techniques include Embroidery, SofTap, & Microblading. These techniques are used to achieve styles including solid, powdered, hair stroke, & ombre. Any combination of styles can be achieved applying any combination of techniques. All of these styles can look wonderful on you. It’s not about what’s in fashion today, but rather what is your personal choice.

Permanent Make-Up

This most common technique uses a tattoo pen – an electric device that moves a grouping of tiny needles up and down to apply the pigment. While hair strokes can be made using this technique, it is best used for the solid or powdered styles.

Cost of Treatment: $250

(Includes Touch-Up within 1 month)

Refresh: $180

(within 1 Year)


Microblading is a technique that uses a non-electric tool which has its tiny needles arranged in a row. The needles are stroked across the skin to create the look of fine hairs. This technique is used to fill in missing brow hairs and looks most natural because it matches the direction of existing hairs. For this reason Microblading is not recommended for people without any hair.

Cost of Treatment: $180

Refresh: $100


A combination of the powdered and hair stroke styles are quite appealing because you get two colors and more depth. It’s the look you get when you add powdered make-up to your existing brows.

Cost of Treatment: $250

Refresh: $180

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