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“Healthy Beauty” is the practice of using products and treatments that nourish our 3 bodies which will reveal and maintain the vibrancy of your Best Self. Forever Beautiful Spa invites you to experience our wellness playground which takes you on a journey where you will visit your cells, your soul, and your skin in new and unique ways. Customize your wellness spa package by selecting any treatments from our menu totaling the amount of time you desire to spend with us. This urban wellness retreat will push your reset button for the week, until we see you again.

Make a spa day out of the following services: Organic Facial, Detox Ion Footbath, Massage, Far Infrared Sauna, Eyelash Extensions, Reflexology, Teeth Whitening

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Forever Beautiful Spa is located inside  Santa Barbara Wellness Professionals.

Stephanie Gombrelli
Your Healthy Beauty Mentor
Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist
Licensed Esthetician
(State of California)

Forever Beautiful Spa

Live a Beautiful Life  (tm)


3015 State Street, Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

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